Teddy Bear still life in the window

When your teddy bear has left the sketchbook and is enjoying a new (still) life in the window…

Sometimes it is safest to watch the outside world behind curtains, through windows… Or sometimes even just through the screens of our devices. 

This still life into the window started with a little teddy bear sketch. The drawing was then created with colored pencils like mentioned in the previous post. Those yellow tulips seemed to bring a bit of light amongst to these very different spring days. Those tulips inspired me to also color the teddy bear with bright yellows combined with some green tones.

And then the teddy bear was ready to leave the sketchbook and start a new (still) life in the window behind the curtains… Spending days by watching the outside world.

I also added a pile of sketchbooks and some colored pencils to the still life composition. Maybe those elements could even inspire the passers-by to draw and create...?

Below there´s a work in progress picture from the moment when the bear figure was finally breaking free from the sketchbook and finding a balance with the other still life parts.

And there was the teddy bear in the window... Like a reflection. Like the time had stood still.

Stay strong and safe everyone! 💛

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