Maiden of Finland and the dress for the Finland 100 - celebrations

Today Finland celebrates 100 years of independence!

What would the Maiden of Finland wear for the most important celebration?
Definitely something blue and something white for the Independence Day celebrations.

Which flowers would she choose for the most beautiful dress?
Maybe some chrysanthemums?

And there she was, almost ready for the celebrations...

Finnish Maiden… that fascinating symbol and the national personification of Finland.

The Maiden of Finland can also refer to the shape of Finland on the map. And for that reason I designed my character´s outlines to follow precisely that shape on the map. As a result my maiden became a combination of the one I see on the map - and of the one I see in my imagination.

You will find more info about the story behind the symbol for example in here:

The drawing was created with gentle color layers, where the shades of blue and white were playing together.

The dress was completed with real flowers - this time with seasonal cut flowers.

Festive flowers in the floral dress was also a way to emphasize that sense of Independence Day celebrations. During the celebrations one might see beautiful flower arrangements everywhere, but also in the flower shops around the country all those blue and white flowers are creating that extra magical atmosphere.

Because the Maiden´s chrysanthemum dress was such a strong element, I wanted to add something to balance also the top of the dress.

For that reason the smaller blue flower found its place on the top. That flower in the illustration is blooming right in the area of the Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park. For that reason the small flower was also a special way to emphasize and honour the Finnish unique nature - and the amazing national parks of Finland. And today when Finland celebrates 100 years of independence, the pure and beautiful nature feels so precious.
It´s always nice to share information about inspiring places and below are links and more info of those beautiful places in Lapland. Those places, where that small blue flower blooms in the illustration. Especially now in December those places are extra magical.

The small flower is blooming in the illustration in the area of the Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park:

And in the region of Levi:,_Finland

And also in the Pulju wilderness area:

In the illustration the Maiden tries to fit that smaller flower together with her dress. Maybe she is longing to put that final touch to her outfit just before the great celebration starts?

On the Finland´s 100 year celebration even the most beautiful dresses don´t feel fabulous enough. Almost like that final touch would always ask to be completed a bit more. For me that incompleteness represents the whole process of illustration - and that endless series of those final touches when building a drawing or illustration.

But on the Independence Day that incompleteness expresses also the stream of life itself. This constantly changing world and open story we live in. But above anything, it represents the future - and the continuation of the Finnish Maiden´s story.

And today on Finland's Independence Day, there´s also silence near the great words:
independence, freedom and gratefulness…

When the words are not enough.
Thank you Finland.

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